Dedicated team

Intellica Dedicated Team is a service for recruiting and operating a team of software engineers, entirely dedicated to YOUR business software development and integration with YOUR company.

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In Dedicated Team model, Intellica is responsible for:
  • Providing best suitable candidates from local labor markets.
  • Providing replacement candidates, if needed.
  • Employment or relocation of the best candidates who accept job offer
  • Kickstarting the team on premises, adaptation and orientation
  • Organizing and maintaining the best possible operational environment, including Legal, Financial, Administrative and IT services
  • Assisting the team and individual team members to reach the maximal possible productivity
  • Assisting your business to reach best possible utilization and productivity of your team while maintaining team members job satisfaction at a high level
You are responsible for:
  • Defining your product roadmap and task list
  • Defining compensation levels of individual team members (Intellica will provide you market overview and recommendations if needed)
  • Defining roles and statuses of team members within your company
  • On-boarding new employee, knowledge sharing
  • Operational and cultural integration with your company, building relations
How to start your Dedicated Team with Intellica:
  • You and Intellica clarify the main requirements to engineers (such as technology skills, seniority level, and English level) as well as background information such as company, product/project information etc
  • Intellica provides you estimated costs and onboarding times
  • You sign the contract with Intellica (Intellica obligation is to find employees, your obligation is to start paying as soon as the employee accepts an offer)
  • Intellica starts presenting candidates to you
  • As soon as the first employee joins the team, Intellica starts invoicing

Your monthly invoice will consist of Employee Salary and Intellica Service fee. Intellica Service fee covers basic and optional services (see below). Intellica Dedicated Team offer includes the following services:

Optional services:
  • Team Performance management – Free of charge
  • Basic development infrastructure – Free of charge
  • Translation assistance and English lessons – Free of charge
  • Extended administrative services: concierge services, personal assistance – Free of charge
  • Team-building events – on-demand pricing
  • Medical insurance