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Flights are delayed and cancelled for various reasons on a daily basis. Flight insurance is a well-known solution for unexpected plan changes, which can be bought within 1 min during tickets booking. The solution is supposed to bring fast claim processing and payments for a relatively small cost. In practice, the problem stats with claim submitting and lives all the way until the actual reimbursement.

Most of the companies provide an easy way for insurance purchase and extremely problematic claim processing, including the hidden extra costs, all of what results in poor customer experience and money loses.

The platform brings simplified and affordable flight delay and cancellation policies, combining custom pricing, fast claim processing and payment based on blockchain smart contracts.


Blockchain technology along with smart contracts offers the unique combination of automatic claim processing, an unrivalled CX ecosystem, flexible crypto and fiat payments.

While the insurance purchase process remains the same, claims and reimbursement are handled automatically by smart contracts. Smart contracts perform a check (using the third-party system) on flight delay/cancellation and pay in desired currency to a user.

A client can choose a variety of delay protection packages based on delay time and costs.

In addition, both fiat and crypto payment currencies are available for reimbursement (e.g. USD, BTC).

Technology Stack
  • Etherium
  • React js
  • Nodejs
  • Solidity

Project type – fix price. Intellica team was responsible for the website and Fly Coin (crypto). All deadlines and client expectations were met.

Additional scope to project:

1. Admin panel for creating of FlyPolicy
2. Implemented check of correctness of the flight selected by the user.
3. Implemented dropdown with flights if the user has not selected flight date and time.

Service Type

Blockchain development

Business domains


Project team on the client’s side

1x Product owner

1x Back-end supervisor

1x Technical advisor

Project team on the delivery side

1x Project manager

1x Technical project manager

1x Back-end\Blockchain developer

1x Front-end developer