Quality assurance

Intellica software testing services allow companies to scale testing capacity with minimum effort. We help enterprises substantially reduce the cost of downtime between releases and deploy additional testing resources during project’s peak loads. Our QA teams deliver comprehensive and fully managed outsourced testing services from Intellica development centers in Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus. We guide enterprises through the entire testing lifecycle, substantially reducing downtime costs.

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Intellica QA engineers and testers fuse naturally with our clients’ teams. We help businesses effectively handle the peak loads of any software development project. Furthermore, Intellica quickly scales outsourced dedicated software testing teams, adding extra tester resources in a matter of weeks.

Dedicated QA teams

Intellica dedicated QA and testing teams smoothly integrate with software development cycles of our clients. We use state-of-the-art testing approaches to deliver high-quality testing and QA services on every project. With the extended team delivery model, you can quickly scale QA resources with minimal risk and effort.

On-demand testing

In addition to dedicated QA teams, we provide on-demand software testing services. Intellica adheres test-driven software development practices. This way, our teams help companies reduce the cost of downtime between releases. We also use test automation frameworks, such as data-driven test automation and agile automation.

Test automation

Our QA teams have broad experience in continuous testing practices and test automation approaches, such as graphical user interface testing and API-driven testing. We have in-house experts in programming languages relevant for test automation, including Java, Ruby, JavaScript, and Python.

How it works

1 Gathering requirements and analysis

Our senior tech specialist in quality assurance works on your project from day one. We dig into project’s requirements and the specifics of the future testing process. Intellica team scrutinizes project constraints to make sure the solution we provide is tailored to the client’s unique needs.

2 Testing proposal

We design a testing proposal based on the detailed knowledge of the client’s software testing strategy. Our experts define the scope, approach, requirements, test results reporting strategy, and communication procedures. After we reach an agreement on these key elements, our tech specialist assembles a suitable team based on the required skill set.

3 Testing team setup

Once we agree upon the testing proposal, the project’s active phase begins. Our team covers the full testing lifecycle including requirements’ analysis, tests design, and execution of testing. We add new testing resources as required. Intellica is responsible for the project’s management functions related to testing.

4 Scaling the testing team

At peak loads, we extend the testing team on short notice. Intellica helps clients to execute test plans cost-effectively and scale testing resources seamlessly.