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Budgeting and Financial Planning

Performance management, business intelligence, planning, and analysis nowadays are essential for growth, and competitive advantage. However, deriving value from this process requires more than just purchasing a license.

While reducing the efforts and time needed for planning and analyzing, clean data loaded on time is crucial to get an understanding of where the company stands and moving.

It does not just finance that gets these benefits either, powerful forecasting tools can be leveraged across Finance, HR, Operations, IT, Sales, and Marketing. From C-level executives to marketing, sales, and operation managers – when everyone at every level of an organization has access to insights, they can be empowered to make better decisions.

On the way to a better financial planning process, there are many obstacles and bottlenecks such as:

  • Finance must manually complete budgets, plans, and analysis

  • Legacy budgeting and planning systems weren’t built to govern large volumes of data

  • No way for global planners or departments to collaborate

  • No means to track performance KPIs in real-time

  • Cannot react swiftly to market or performance changes
    No way to transform granular data or detail-level data

How we can help

Many businesses are still using manual, disconnected systems or continuing to rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets to manage their planning activities. Clunky, time-consuming systems, delivering plans, budgets, forecasts and reports are contributing to lengthy, resource-consuming processes. The data collected is often inaccurate, infrequently gathered, and not timely. This all adds up to inaccurate and unreliable forecasts and reduced alignment across teams and departments.

For businesses that looking to improve their BI experience, we propose modern planning and analytics tools that enable visibility and transparency of all organizational data. As a result, you can identify patterns and hidden relationships using the company’s data; explain why things happen, and what may happen in the future.

Advanced capabilities

  • Fast performance providing real-time decision-making agility​

  • Easy-to-use web-based experience​

  • One of the interfaces – Microsoft Excel

  • Visual analysis and reporting​

  • Powerful modeling that supports any business requirement ​

  • Self-service exploratory analytics​ (pivot table style)

  • Flexibility to scale and adapt to any organization or external change​

  • Flexible deployment​ options​

  • Secure, governed, and compliant​

  • Built-in tools for data spreading, what-if analysis, AI-Forecasting, and more…

  • Automated workflow for your budgeting process

  • Easy self-service web-based reports and dashboards interface.


Technologies we’re using

IBM: Cognos BI, Planning Analytics, TM1, Express

Microsoft: SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power Platform, CRM, ERP, Power BI.

Jedox: Suite, Palo for Excel.

Our experienced and certified team will be glad to help.

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