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The client’s product is an ecosystem application that revolutionizes the hotel booking industry by disintermediating existing OTA (Online Travel Agent) models. The product takes a crypto-economic approach to incentivize the direct sharing of value between hotels and the customer. By using the platform customers earn tokens, a crypto-asset based loyalty reward.


Intellica Group proposed to the platform for booking itself. This platform enables the usage of crypto-currency for hotel payment and automatic pay-back of rent expenses part. The architecture includes smart contracts for payment management.


The team has successfully developed the solution, which is the basis for further handling of the ICO company.


  • Web application for booking
  • Mobile platform for booking
Service Type

Fully managed Project Delivery

Business domains



Mobile Application, Web Application

Project team

1x Project Manager 

1x Tech lead

1x Front-end developer

1x Back-end developer

1x Blockchain developer

1x Mobile developer