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There is more and more data produced around us. It is important to use data for decision making, however, only 3% of data worldwide is analyzed. The problem to collect and analyze all information is very resource intensive and expensive to implement through a traditional centralized way.
The client is operating in the Asian market producing smart routers. The idea was to use the computational power of the routers to collect and analyze relevant data, accepting legal limitations and addressing privacy concerns.


Intellica team was consulting the client on the best applicable approach and corresponding design to solve the problem. It was suggested to use centralized and decentralized approaches while implementing a platform using public blockchain infrastructure with ERC-20 Token based on Ethereum. As for the data itself, the centralized network will collect logs with proof of work from routers for further analysis.

For its data, the users are rewarded with tokens/points. Still compatible with ICO and ERC-20 token – users will be able to withdraw from a centralized platform.

Technologies and skills

[blockchain] Ethereum platform + ERC23 token, solidity, digital wallet

[storage] IPFS


As a result, the team delivered several workshops, uses-cases definitions, a design document with corresponding design and workflow diagrams.

The proposed solution should work on relatively low-power devices (routers), that is why most of the transactions will be centralized which is easier, cheaper and faster to implement. Most use cases (convert tokens to fiat or purchase Steam points) can be done on centralized platform off-chain.

Service Type

Fully Managed Project Delivery

Business domains

ICO, Crypto assets, Blockchain