Real Estate Tokenization

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Our client is a real estate development company, established in the UK. They use SPVs (special-purpose vehicles), to collect fiat investments and exchange them for shares of ownership of each developed project. This cumbersome investment vehicle processes creates some illiquidity of project shares and reduces the number of retail investors, that can invest in the development of the projects.

  • Invest Token in real-estate projects in exchange for Project Shares Tokens;
  • The second market of Project Share Tokens on a centralized exchange engine;
  • Project Shares Token liquidation to fiat currency;
  • Token withdrawal via Ethereum network to store them or sell on external exchanges;
  • Crowd wisdom – Client management can collect feedback from investors, where the weight of their voice is backed by token holdings, but the final decision is on a client.
Technology and skills

blockchain] Ethereum platform, Hyperledger Fabric

[smart contract] Solidity, ERC20 token

Digital wallet


We have designed an end-to-end system, that covers STO (Security Token offering Cabinet) and the Platform which takes care of all the legal aspects fully automating the process of initial Project Shares purchase and trades on the secondary market. Current SPVs requires to have a record of what shares were sold when and by whom and blockchain is a ideas technology for that

Service Type

Fully Managed Project Delivery

Business domains

Real-estate & Crypto-assets