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The client came up with the idea of improving the user experience with mobile connectivity.  Importing is based on the simplification of the process of a SIM card purchase and account management.
The whole process from SIM card activation to cost control is organized through a mobile application.

Key features:

  • simple SIM card activation  (Email address and Password is enough)
  • phone number selection
  • lowest market pricing
  • one tariff with utmost pricing simplicity
  • absolute no strings attached
  • absolute cost and spending control
  • digital payments

The first goal was to develop Proof of concept (PoC), that is the iOS mobile application along with AWS mobile hub.


PoC concept includes the iOS mobile application along with AWS mobile hub. The functionality allows users to activate the SIM card and operate the number and bills.

Technology and skills

Cross-platform app:  React Native

Amazon services

Subscription billing: Stripe

KYC Service: onfido

Customer support: zendesk

Shipping management: shiprobot

App monitoring: crashlytics


PoC concept was successfully launched and tested. The business model has proved itself. The work on post MVP product is started.

Service Type

Fully managed Project Delivery

Business domains



Mobile application

Project team

1x Project Manager

1x Business Analyst

1x Architect

1x React-native developer

1x DevOps

1x Back-end developer

1x Quality Assurance