Market Making & Liquidity Automation

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After successful ICO each company has plenty of collected crypto assets and their own tokens as a stake in their company. Crypto market is highly volatile and one of the reasons is the lack of liquidity on the exchanges. We can benefit as Market Makers providing liquidity to the exchanges and therefore all other players on the market will benefit as well.


Intellica suggested and developed sophisticated trade robot platform, that will allow admins to set up trade robots for buying and selling cryptocurrency tokens in various exchanges in order to stabilize token price due to increased liquidity and gain additional as a Market Maker and Arbitrage traders.

Technology and skills

[backend] Node js + Express framework

[frontend] React.js

[message broker] rabbitMQ

[protocol] web sockets

[2FA] Futurae

[DB] Redis, Postgres

[doc] swagger – REST API

[blockchain] Ethereum platform + ERC23 token, solidity, digital wallet

[server-side] CentOS, Openshift, Docker, nginx


Within 4 months the team delivered the first version of the platform. Each strategy can be run in its own created on demand server. This will guarantee security and increase the exchange’s API limits. Our team implemented and automated several trading strategies and arbitrage which helped our client to stabilize token price and pushed a price up.

Service Type

Fully Managed Project Delivery

Business domains

FinTech, Cryptocurrencies

Project team

1x Project Manager

1x Business Analysts

1x Architect

1x BOT developer

1x Full stack developer

1x Quality Assurance.