Educational courses

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A product, which incorporates several small educational projects. The client addressed us with a request to build a project that is supposed to be the part of SME Secure system and be dedicated to educational courses and training.The goal was to develop the platform to be interactive by means of gamification.


The system is operating in the editor and user modes.

An editor can fill in the courses library by creating new ones and edit the existing ones not only with the educational materials but with course properties (aspects, course plan, owners etc).  Along with courses, the editor can set up new quizzes and edit the old ones for the users to test their knowledge.

A user can take courses from the system library and participate in different quizzes alone or with friends.

Quizzes types:

  • 1 vs 1
  • Self-training
  • Group challenge 1 vs 1
Technology and skills

C#, JavaScript


The team has successfully developed windows and web applications. The gamification is placed in the quizzes, especially group challenges, which are more interactive and fun to play.

The solution brings more interest from the market to the client’s platform.

Service Type

Fully managed Project Delivery

Business domains



Desktop, Web Application

Project team

1x Project Manager

2x C# Developer