Decentralized ecosystem for customer rewards

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Trippki is an innovative hotel and rewards platform that uses the Blockchain to revolutionize travel. Our client was looking for a reliable supplier to develop a software solution utilizing full strengths of public blockchain platform and smart contracts. The solution should follow best practices in hospitality industry enabling travelers and hotels to benefit from rewards and smaller fees.


Intellica allocated a project manager, architect, 3 developers and quality assurance engineer as a project team to deliver the solution. After short business analysis phase, the team started the implementation phase following scrum methodology. Client team was participating on weekly meetings to monitor progress with the project and adjust priorities.

Technology and skills

[backend] ASP.NET Core

[database] PostgreSQL

[deployment] Docker Compose

[frontend] jQuery + Bootstrap

[blockchain] Ethereum platform + ERC20 token, solidity

[identity] Civic

[payment] Coinbase

[wallet] Metamask

[mobile] React Native


The release of the 1st version (MVP) was delivered in 4 months after project start. The MVP version implemented the main user stories, enabling hotel to register their properties on the booking platform, users were capable to search through available properties and complete a booking paying by cryptocurrency for it and then receive correspondent rewards if the booking wasn’t cancelled and paid in full.

Service Type

Fully Managed Project Delivery

Business domains


Project team

1x Project Manager

1x Architect

3x Developers

1x Quality assurance engineer