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The client aimed to develop software to optimize the interaction between humans and machines through industrial smartwatches. This makes communication in production mobile, simple and effective. The functionalities are designed so that the software can be adapted to individual requirements without programming knowledge.
For in-house development team was challenging to follow the product roadmap together with adding custom features required by existing customers. Therefore the company was looking for ways to scale up the team to support additional load caused by customer projects.


Intellica offered a flexible approach by providing a full-time developer with access to skilled company resources. The assigned developer was able to quickly pick up the necessary knowledge and start the efficient collaboration with the existing in-house development team to implement new features and fix identified bugs.

Technologies and skills

Java, Mongo, REST API, WebSocket (STOMP), Spring (Boot, Security, Data), Maven, Angular 6, RabbitMQ, Microservices.

Version control & development tools:

  • Confluence
  • JIRA
  • Git

Within nine months, the project was successfully delivered with planned features. Also, such an approach helped the customer to be more flexible and react faster on incoming requirements.

Service Type

Team Extension

Business domains

IoT, Manufacturing, Automotive


Java Back-end development

Project team

1x Java developers

1x DevOps