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Fine dust is one of the pollutants that pollute our air. In Germany, the state and private individuals with sensors measure particulate matter in the air. All these measurements are combined with other relevant data such as weather forecasts and using machine learning methods calculate a local forecast for each of the sensors. The client wanted to develop an application that provides a map function that can be used worldwide to display historical and current measured values as well as forecasts of measurands.


Intellica offered its services to develop the IOS and Android applicationThe functionality allowed users to measure the particulate matter pollution values on the local area in real time and predict it for the next three days. As a result, sports activities, playground visits, bicycle tours or even breaks in kindergartens can be planned accordingly.

Technologies and skills
  • React Native
  • UX & UI design
  • Amazon services

As a result of the application successful launch, the client decided to continue cooperation with the team and work on new solutions for environmental research.

Service Type

Fully managed Project Delivery

Business domains

IOT, Environmental


Mobile Application

Project team

1x IOS/Android developer

1x UX/UI designer